We’ve been developing consumer products for over thirty years.

At outerspace consumer product development moves fast and our team thrives on the dynamic shifts and demands of this form of design and engineering. Consumer markets are competitive and product development is less regulated. 

We start consumer product development programs with in-depth consumer, market and competitor analysis and research. We develop a design and technology strategy to clearly inform the project from day one with a clear understanding of a product’s unique value proposition.

Our creative and technical teams are adept at understanding the needs of people, consumers and consumer markets. User experience, user engagement, empathizing with users of products and understanding how products impact daily life, informs every project. 

We have experience working on demanding consumer product programs needing regular new product releases and product range development. Our team understands consumer market dynamics, megatrends and the lifestyles of the masses. 

Outerspace understands how to engineer products for high volume manufacturing with specialized tooling strategies. We design the out-of-box experience with packaging, point of sale, product manuals and animated instruction videos for the products we develop.

related work

related work

We designed and engineered the device to be very simple, lightweight, strong, easy to use, portable and affordable.  Considering all door types and sizes, we configured SecuraDoor to fit onto any doorknob and to adjust to varying doorknob heights.

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Fred Blochlinger

Managing Director

Robert Thorpe

VP USA Operations and Marketing Director

Michael Denham

Design Manager

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