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The founder of Comfortel approached us to solve a problem professional hair salons battle with every day – removing hair from brushes. As a leading global supplier to the hair salon industry, Comfortel’s market research identified a need to find an efficient way to clean brushes and remove hair from them, to speed up the brush cleaning process and make it a less hands-on task for professional hair stylists.

We developed Presto, a world-first all-in-one electric hairbrush cleaner for Comfortel. outerspace designed Presto from the ground up informed by Comfortel’s unique market insights into the hair salon environment to address an annoying chore for stylists, and enhance cleanliness.


12 months


Good Design Award

We made Presto compact, compatible with a wide range of hairbrushes, fast, efficient and quiet, easy and intuitive to use and maintain, and styled it to suit salon interiors.

The Comfortel Presto Brush Cleaner works by inserting a brush and cleaning with rotating synthetic fibres. Hair is ejected and trapped in the removable canister enabling touch-free disposal when full.

outerspace engineers designed an internal rotating bristle drum to quickly and thoroughly remove hair and hair product residue from brushes.

Rotating bristles, hair catchment and a rear vent create a patented cyclonic airflow ensuring hair is quietly and efficiently removed and contained in the canister for touch-free removal.

The tinted polycarbonate viewing pod provides visual feedback during operation. A stainless mesh vent, canister release lever and power cable are located at the back where they are less visible.

We included an engagement switch to prevent the device from operating without the canister in place and a motor cut out switch if excessive downward force is applied to the rotating bristles. We angled the brush opening to aid ergonomic operation. A quick release lever at the back of the canister, ensures easy emptying and re-installation back onto the base.

We designed Presto to be compact and stable with a flared base and generous suction cup feet. Weighing 7.2 lbs it has a low centre of gravity. With a single power button presto is uniquely intuitive, even for first time users.

Our team managed the build of functional prototypes for the Presto pre-launch to distributors from more than 50 countries, to secure pre-sale orders.

Presto has created export sales in new markets and created commercial and distribution opportunities for Comfortel in countries around the world, including key markets in the EU and USA. Presto is CE certified. 

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