waterproof and rugged smart device accessories

We developed a range of accessories to extend the functionality of the LifeProof cases we had designed. 


3 years

LifeProof wanted to sell a range of accessories that enabled people to get more use and value out of using smart devices in different and demanding environments safely. 

The list was endless – swimming, running, skiing, sailing, surfing, cycling to name a few. 

Our team brainstormed a roadmap with the founder of LifeProof to identify the best groups of accessories to develop.

We created an armband with an engineering plastic molded carrier, that the LifeProof case docks and locks into securely.

The armband is wide, comfortable and easy to adjust and welded together using specialized films with no need for stitching. 

It is breathable and waterproof with a low- profile hook and loop fastener.

A belt clip, bike mount and car windscreen mount were all developed using a universal locking dock bracket, with different attachments for each accessory.

The bracket attaches to the handlebars of a bike with a multi-adjustable over center clip ring, and to a car windscreen with a strong suction mechanism.

We engineered all parts for rugged mountain bike riding, motor bike and trail biking and road racing across any application so the mount and attachments stay in place and remain stable.

The belt clip attaches to the base bracket for when you want to wear your phone around your waist.

We engineered a float with a lanyard. The LifeProof case range was waterproof but it didn’t stop a device from sinking if someone dropped it overboard or into water.

We designed a lifejacket for the phone and case, an EVA foam float case that keeps your device afloat, is resistant to water and salt and gives an extra buffer for extreme activities like rock climbing, paragliding.

We developed LifeProof accessories for iPads. A folding front cover doubles as a stand, a hand strap accessory for one handed tasks in retail workplaces, a shoulder strap to wear and position an iPad across your body or around your neck and a lockable car mount.

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