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outerspace collaborated with the founder of BlueAnt to develop the Q1 Bluetooth Headset. The BlueAnt Q1 acoustic design and DSP processing ensures a person’s voice remains exceptionally clear, even in windy or noisy environments. Our designers and engineers worked with BlueAnt, focusing on a research and development program centered on creating an innovative mechanical solution that reduces the amount of wind noise picked up at the headset’s dual microphones.


12 months


Australian International Design Award, Good Design Award

Our mechanical design solution combines with proprietary Voice Isolation Technology™ processing downstream of the microphones to provide exceptional noise and echo cancellation with zero voice distortion.

outerspace designers developed sophisticated styling for the headset to align with the functionality and safety of voice-activated hands-free phone operation.  The headset pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, the proprietary BlueAnt Voice Interface allows most headset functions to be controlled with simple voice commands. This allows the user to make and receive calls while driving without taking their eyes off the road.

The headset features world class patent pending acoustics designed to minimize wind noise, along with proprietary DSP software to ensure the user’s voice is crystal clear, even in noisy environments.

The Q1’s leading edge design positions the product as a market leader in both aesthetics and performance. Our design intention is to appeal to a style-conscious tech savvy user. By using a strong geometric form and limited color palette, we created a minimal and sophisticated design.

We enhanced the high-quality feel of the Q1 by specifying the use of genuine materials and attention to surface finishes. The brushed aluminium top casing has a technical and minimal look, while the softer textured underside surfaces sit comfortably on the user’s cheek.

The pliable gel ear-bud is engineered to mold to a person’s ear without undue pressure, ensuring the headset remains comfortable when worn for extended periods. The optional ear-hook adjusts simply to suit individual ear anthropometry, and can be reversed when the headset is worn in the opposing ear.

A key feature of the Q1 is its ease of use, with a highly intuitive interface allowing control of any paired mobile phone simply and safely.

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