industrial design

Our industrial designers are artists and engineers.

They’re advocates for the end users of the products and systems we create.

As researchers and strategists working to understand the wants and needs of people, our designers are tuned in to the emotional experience around a product or system and translate wants and needs, into ideas and solutions.

Our design team understands market trends. We use this data to inform the way a product looks, works and feels.

They have a broad understanding of materials and manufacturing processes.

As talented visualisers, our industrial designers communicate the ideas we create, using sketches and animations, form studies and models to quickly give visual context to ideas.

They build complex animations and use computer graphics to show how the products we develop will look and work in context.

Our designers apply ergonomics, interaction design, experience design and empathy, to understand how a product interacts with the human body and psyche.

our experts

Fred Blochlinger

Managing Director

Michael Denham

Design Manager

Sergei Plishka

Senior Project Manager