program and systems engineering

Our program and systems engineers manage and coordinate the complex multidisciplinary product development programs and projects we thrive on.

They pull together our product development disciplines and integrate multiple project requirements.

As high-level project coordinators, our program and system engineers manage the needs of multiple stakeholders during all stages of a complex product development program.

As the point of contact for our clients, they manage time, budgets and communication with clients to prioritise tasks and keep the product vision on track.

They make key informed strategic decisions early, reviewing product requirements, project risks and trade-offs, setting direction using conceptual idea’s and architectures.

They manage and integrate project outputs from our multidisciplinary team, external partners and client expertise. Documentation and engineering specifications are coordinated to formulate with our clients’ verification activities and priorities.

Our program and systems engineers ensure we meet client and market requirements.

They handover a product design to stakeholders for certification, production and standards identification, and integrate external services, including certification and manufacturing handover to assist clients throughout the entire development process.

By expertly managing programs and systems in this way, we achieve an integrated final product outcome for our clients.

related work

We designed and engineered the device to be very simple, lightweight, strong, easy to use, portable and affordable.  Considering all door types and sizes, we configured SecuraDoor to fit onto any doorknob and to adjust to varying doorknob heights.

our experts

Julian Banfield

Systems Engineer

Brody Payne

Senior Design Engineer

Alex Morrison

Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager