agriculture and environment

At outerspace we develop products and technology systems for the agricultural sector, and agtech scale-ups.

We design and engineer products that protect and preserve our natural environment. We collaborate with our clients to build systems and products that are used and installed in rugged, outdoor and extreme weather locations.

We understand the unique aspects of technology that are applied to agricultural and natural environments. The agricultural industry is constantly looking for products and systems that improve productivity and efficiency, while keeping workers, livestock, crops and wildlife safe.

We work with new technologies and systems that improve food security. outerspace has developed systems to align with animal behaviour management and care; harvesting equipment and processes; and products and systems that are replacing those that use harmful chemicals and toxic processes. We support sustainable farming practices and work with businesses and organizations to improve the ways we farm, protect our resources and the environment. 

Our team has developed systems and products that work to conserve and collect water and use alternative energy. We understand how to engineer products for tough outdoor applications, to survive extreme weather conditions and be rugged enough to function optimally no matter what the weather or rugged environment demands.

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Nick Thompson

Sales and Marketing Support

Tim Garrow

Product Design Engineer

Pinakesh De

Senior Industrial Designer

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