electronic engineering

Our electronic engineers are focused on the embedded systems of products.

This typically starts with requirements and early strategic architecture decisions depending on the goals of the project and product. 

At outerspace, electronic engineering focuses on the electronic hardware for sensing, control and communication of devices, including wireless communication linking into IoT.  

Electronic engineering at outerspace is most typically focused around schematic and printed circuit board design, including analogue and digital design. Depending on the project, there are often physical considerations that affect complexity of layouts such as size, power constraints and communication protocols. 

outerspace uses many tools to support electronic engineering, including Altium Designer.

Our electronic engineers are broad problem solvers and often bridge the gap into solutions with other disciplines.

outerspace’s electronic engineering team have strong knowledge about compliance, including EMC and safety regulations, transfer to manufacturing and a wide network of suppliers for low to high volume manufacturing.    

With extensive component libraries on hand and experience across a broad range of industries including medical, consumer and scientific, they design and iterate prototypes quickly.

our experts

James Lenehan

Senior Electronics Engineer

Scott Foster

Electronics Design Manager

Anirban Bose

Senior Firmware Engineer

Tim Ellis

Senior Electronics Engineer

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