firmware design

Our firmware developers breathe life into the electronics hardware we design for products.

Working together on our multidisciplinary team, our firmware developers are outcome and user focused. They adjust their approach based on the life cycle stage of a product’s development.

At outerspace we see firmware development or embedded software as key to providing full functionality to our embedded systems.

Our firmware focuses on device based monitoring, control and data manipulation.

The level of firmware development needed on a project differs depending on the stage of product development or the application.

Determining use stories and key logic is an important first step to start outlining the requirements of firmware at outerspace.

outerspace firmware experts have a range of experience across various micro controllers, tool chains and languages. They make the right choice of approach for the application or product. 

Our firmware developers have expertise in integration to hardware which is needed in nimble product development. 

related work

We designed and engineered the device to be very simple, lightweight, strong, easy to use, portable and affordable.  Considering all door types and sizes, we configured SecuraDoor to fit onto any doorknob and to adjust to varying doorknob heights.

our experts

Scott Foster

Electronics Design Manager

Anirban Bose

Senior Firmware Engineer

Nicholas Holdgate

Electronics Engineer