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outerspace collaborated with the sales and marketing director of to design the Essential Baby Bottle. wanted to streamline bottle feeding on-the-go, by removing the fiddly and time-consuming tasks required to prepare formula and feeding bottles outside the home, while maintaining correct hygiene.



We designed a feeding bottle solution that replaces the multiple items required for bottle feeding, streamlining and reshaping the entire process with a convenient single, integrated product. The new system brings everything together to transform a formally complex and laborious task into an all-in-one, simple and hygienic solution – giving parents and carers more freedom and peace-of-mind. Our design provides a closed loop system, with all contents sealed off from the outside world, eliminating the likelihood of contamination. know that for optimum nutrition, makers of infant formula recommend that powder and fresh water be mixed at time of feeding. Our design allows parents and carers to pre-assemble the sterilized bottle parts with a measured amount of powdered formula and clean water, keeping them separated and sealed.

At feeding time, the plunger is manually pushed upwards to combine the powder and the water in the bottle, creating freshly mixed liquid formula ready for instant feeding. The sealed base of the bottle is filled with powdered formula at home, kept fresh and untouched until feeding time. The bottle is filled with hot, pre-sterilized water ready-to-go.

The patented plunger mechanism pushes the formula into the bottle, distributing the powder through the water. Teats are available in three sizes. The system is compatible with leading brand teats. We designed the five key system components to be easily disassembled for cleaning and sterilization.

Our team created a friendly, ergonomic format for the bottle, to appeal to the target market, leading to retail demand from major US retailers. Beautiful lines, smooth curves and soft colors set this bottle apart from standard drinking bottles.

We designed the bottle to fit comfortably in the hand. The organic form is visually appealing and the tapered waist provides optimum comfort for both parent and baby.

All parts of the system are designed to be disassembled. They are dishwasher-safe and can be sterilized using normal procedures. We specified and detailed safe and non-toxic materials for the bottle, with no BPA or phthalates.  The bottle system is made from polypropylene and food grade silicone.

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