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outerspace designers and engineers collaborated with manufacturer and distributor of water conserving, eco-friendly bathroom products, Desert, to develop a cartridge to hold the Desert microbial urinal cube that cleans and deodorizes waterless urinals. Desert’s waterless urinal saves 568,000 gallons of fresh water per year.


6 months

Desert has a deep commitment to protecting the environment, saving water and reducing landfill. Most waterless urinal cartridges on the market are discarded every 6 to 12 weeks. We designed the Eco Adapt Advanced waterless urinal cartridge to be reusable for up to five years.

We developed a range of universal cartridges to carry the Desert cube and to fit non-Desert brand urinals. The cartridge design has detailed interchangeable parts that are easily assembled to make sure the Desert cartridge fits most waterless urinals.

This adaptable design system aligns with Desert’s eco-friendly ethos to reduce unnecessary plastic waste. Our unique cartridge design enables cube cartridge parts to be interchanged between models, reducing tooling and stock management costs.

The Eco Adapt Advanced waterless urinal cartridge and cube keep odors at bay and eliminate the need for flushing. We designed the water seal section of the cartridge to sit in the u-bend of a urinal to block any odors. The design also prevents blockages.

Desert products are distributed worldwide. We designed the Eco Adapt Advanced cartridge to meet international standards. 

The form of the odor lock water seal section of the cartridge is based on a simple, effective plumbing design, the u-bend. By utilizing the proven design of the u-bend to stop sewer gasses and odors from entering the bathroom, there is no need for complicated designs that are prone to blockages.

The size of the U bend is designed to give a gravity fed hydraulic flush every time urine passes through the cartridge. This means the chance of blockages is greatly reduced and the chance of odors is greatly reduced as the surface area of urine is less than 0.4 inches squared.

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