animal detection system

We collaborated with the founders of Out of Box Solutions to develop and refine their animal detector system. The detector is a sophisticated IoT system, that identifies if an animal is a native species or an introduced feral pest. It’s designed for use in wildlife parks, remediated land areas and farming properties to record, detect and control animals.


6 months

The animal detection system can be deployed in ‘passive mode’ for recording or, if required, be used for selectively trapping. Selective trapping is more ethical than existing trapping methods, and makes sure that the correct animals are caught. 

Our designers and engineers developed the complex electronic system of motion detectors, cameras, processors and recording devices to create the detection system.

We designed a ruggedized, waterproof outer housing for the complete system, and developed robust electronics, communication technology assemblies and power storage to withstand rough treatment.

We developed a prototype for Out of Box Solutions to use in early field trials. The detector system prototype is designed to be installed by one person.

With the ruggedized construction established, aspects of weight, size and ease of installation in wildlife parks and outdoor locations also informed the design of the prototype.

outerspace supervised engineering students at LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia  during some stages of the animal detection system development. This provided ‘real world’ experience for the students and helped Out of Box Solutions to deepen their relationship with the university.

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