salon trolley

Global hair salon equipment company Comfortel needed a custom trolley design for their hair salon customers. 


12 months

We designed and transformed the utilitarian salon trolley into a personal mobile work assistant for professional hair stylists.

outerspace designers styled and detailed the trolley to match modern hair salon interiors and surfaces. The sleek finishes are easy to clean and maintain.

The storage drawers for equipment have a minimal lip feature for easy opening and closing.

The ‘hair repellent’ castor wheels make the trolley very easy to maneuver.

We engineered the trolley so that electrical hairstyling tools, and USB devices can all be operated from the panel at the back of the trolley, with one electrical cable connecting to a wall-mounted power source.

Multiple tools can be used from the trolley, behind a customer’s chair.

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Fred Blochlinger

Founder and Managing Director

Paul Taylor

Creative Director

Sergei Plishka

Senior Project Manager





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