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Sleep Diagnostics needed to commercialize their pioneering technology that detects driver drowsiness and fatigue. We worked with the founder, a pioneer in sleep medicine, to develop Optalert, the world’s first validated drowsiness detection eyewear system.


12 months


AIDA Powerhouse Museum Selection, International Design Excellence Award 

outerspace fast tracked development with Sleep Diagnostics to validate and commence production and launch the technical eyewear within a year. Transport industry representatives provided input during the product development process.

We worked closely with transport industry representatives and truck drivers to design Optalert so it would appeal to transport workers. The technical eyewear also needed to be comfortable and safe so it didn’t impinge on a driver’s performance. Our designers carefully styled and detailed the glasses to help overcome industry apprehensions about wearing a driver-performance assessment system.

Our team developed a flexible, modular design for the eyewear. We researched variations in nose-bridge geometry, removable sun-shade and prescription lens attachments and the look and feel of conventional sunglasses and how they can be combined.

We made sure the position of the micro-electronic sensor array sat correctly beneath a driver’s eye to monitor their eye and eyelid movement and detect the onset of drowsiness.

We constructed virtual 3d ergonomic models to provide early and ongoing product format and design validation.

We sourced experienced eyewear manufacturers capable of producing the lenses, frames and components.

Optalert provides truck drivers, train drivers, mining vehicle operators and aircraft pilots a way of managing driver fatigue. It delivers accurate and reliable monitoring.

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