wearable wetsuit heat controller

outerspace designers created an elegant and sophisticated wetsuit heat controller for garment company, Jett. The founder of Jett had developed a wetsuit heater system and was looking for a way to control and regulate wet suit temperature.


8 months

Jett needed a wearable controller for their wetsuit that could be worn outside the suit, on a person’s wrist, to make controlling the heat level easier and more accessible, rather than having a controller inside the wetsuit.

We designed and developed a heat controller wrist band. We detailed the design so it could be simply controlled by pressing a one touch button with a tactile switch.

Our designers investigated different ways to attach the band to the heat controller and the wrist, considering its use in harsh water sports environments.

We used sketching to quickly visualize and communicate ideas for the wearable controller design.

Our creative team developed the form and style of the controller to make the design simple and sleek, to match the slim and athletic styling of Jett’s wetsuits and aquatic sports product range.

We engineered the Jett wrist band controller so it withstands extreme, wet, sandy or cold conditions.

Our engineers specified over molding manufacturing technology to keep the electronics safe and functional.

outerspace ensured the wireless radio frequency controller and microelectronics inside the wrist band are protected from the impact, shock and vibration that occurs during water sports.

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