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Our creative team designed a new structural packaging system for SDI Limited’s take-home teeth whitening gel kits. SDI is a world leader in developing specialist dental materials for ‘minimal intervention’ dentistry, with a vision to pioneer and drive the science of dentistry.

Their products are sold in over 100 countries via distributors and retailers.


12 months

outerspace designers worked closely with SDI’s global marketing manager to create a premium pack that was easy and intuitive to use. The new SDI poladay pack has a premium look and feel, and a ‘wow-factor’ experience when it’s opened. The gel-filled syringes are easy to access.

The pack is easy and fast for SDI to assemble and to prepare for shipping, making the packing process more enjoyable and saving on labor costs. The pack design uses a minimal amount of plastic. SDI wanted the syringe tips in a small fabric satchel, but placing them under the syringes was tidier and reduces material and weight.

We designed the pack to have strong shelf presence when on display at dental facilities, and assisted with the pack graphics.

We tested the formed paper pulp trays to make sure they weren’t damaged by moisture when refrigerated. The team used prototyping and testing to achieve the right friction fit for the syringes in the trays, and a good friction fit between the trays and the drawers in the pack.

SDI wanted to reduce the amount of plastic used when shipping poladay packs. We ran successful test shipments, to see if the new packs stayed unscuffed when using a single plastic liner per carton, negating the need for individual plastic bags.

We sourced and recommended manufacturers for the SDI pack and arranged pre-production samples from two different manufacturers, including tooling, so that SDI could decide on which supplier to use. outerspace liaised with suppliers and provided production support to guide the production of the packs and shipping the packs in high volumes. 

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