sales ordering and EFT POS device

outerspace designers and engineers collaborated with Quest Payment Systems to design and engineer DUO, a compact handheld sales and payment device for retail and hospitality industries.


10 months


Good Design Award

DUO’s unique two-sided architecture allows an operator to enter sale items on one side, and process the payment on the other. This ensures the point for sale side of the device remains open architecture, while the payment side remains secure to PCI standards.

Our designers and engineers created reliable seals and over-molded component design for DUO, to protect the sensitive electronics from accidental spills, common in the hospitality sector.

The highly legible backlit keys are engineered to never wear out. This aligns with Quest’s commitment to continual product improvement.

We engineered DUO’s injection molded enclosure in engineering grade polycarbonate and ABS. These plastics were specifically chosen for their great balance of properties including impact toughness, heat resistance and outstanding dimension and color stability – crucial for a compact mobile device like DUO.

We designed and specified the LCD lens and light pipes in clear acrylics.

Our team designed and detailed the card slots in glass-filled PBT and stainless steel to provide high wear resistance from constant use.

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Tim Garrow

Product Design Engineer

Pinakesh De

Senior Industrial Designer

Sebastian Damm

Product Design Engineer

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