4K 3D camera

outerspace worked with virtual reality startup Live Planet to refine and engineer their live streaming 4K 3D camera. We worked with the CTO and COO to develop the state-of-the-art camera into a product that could be manufactured and assembled within high tolerances.

LivePlanet had developed a prototype for their 4K 3D camera technology that virtually immerses users into a remote environment in real time. With the camera installed on location a remote operator using VR gear goggles can immerse themselves in a live experience. 4K 3D stereoscopic images are live streamed from every angle, images are seamlessly stitched together and streamed and recorded at 30 frames per second.


8 months

Superior thermal management is a key engineering requirement for the camera. With a large amount of onboard electronics and computing, the camera generated very high levels of heat. Our engineering team have designed details in the camera to keep it cool and operating correctly.

We conducted computational fluid dynamics analyses, informing the design for efficient heat management. outerspace managed the integration of the complex electronics and the engineered cooling features.

We investigated how to dissipate the heat generated by the onboard electronics and the thermal performance management. The thermal loads were modelled and construction, flow paths, heat sinks and materials were modified.

Physical mock ups were made to finalize and refine the modelling results. Heat sinks, fans, air intakes, air flow paths were assessed and optimized into the final design.

LivePlanet needed the overall size of the camera to be as small as possible. We reduced the overall size and form of the camera making it easy to carry and transport.

We ensured the 16 lenses for the camera are perfectly positioned and accurately aligned during assembly of the camera to ensure data capture worked seamlessly.

outerspace coordinated the production set-up for the camera, including sourcing, qualifying and managing suppliers.

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