EEG monitor system

We collaborated with medical device company, Compumedics to develop an electro-encephalogram monitor system or EEG.




International Design Excellence Awards Finalist

Neuvo is used to diagnose neurological disorders including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease and disorders of the nervous system. It is used for long term and routine short-term epilepsy patient monitoring.

outerspace developed a design language for the Neuvo system. We integrated the key components to present as a cohesive diagnostic system including an EEG amplifier head box, processor unit, custom portrait display, a mounting column for cable management and a knock-down trolley.

The backbone of the Neuvo system is a central mounting column. We designed this to attach a variety of components and devices. It also serves as a convenient cable management channel, drawing away and housing a multitude of otherwise unsightly and cumbersome cables. Only a single cable connects the system to the patient. This removes the potential hazards of cables and increases patient comfort and safety.

outerspace designed an integrated system for Neuvo, with a key objective to deliver a world-first fully integrated system that is used to detect neurological disorders.

The system is flexible and is designed to reduce cable clutter, be either a mobile trolley or wall mounted system.

Clinics can start with an entry level 64 channel system and upgrade with additional modules to a maximum of 512 channels.

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