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At outerspace we have a passion for collaboration and our ongoing involvement with the founder of RideDNA, Dillon Markey and his team, demonstrates how we apply this to product development.

Markey had an idea that would make urban city cycling safer. With a tech-related background, he understood that by creating handlebar grips to control your phone remotely, you can control your music, send texts with voice commands and take calls safely while you ride.

“Cycling is amazing, but there are flaws in the user experience. I got to work, thinking of how I could make it better, safer and smarter,” says Markey.

“With our RODL grips there’s no more tapping a cell phone screen while trying to steer your bike and keeping an eye on your surroundings.”

RideDNA’s patented RODL handgrip technology is compatible with any cellular phone and is fully wireless. Six buttons in the grips control everything from play, pause, call, volume, voice calls to skip and rewind. RODL grips use a Bluetooth Low Energy chip, so they can go for months without needing a charge.

Rodl grips with phone on bike

outerspace joined the RideDNA product development team in October 2020 when the industrial design vision, styling and ergonomics for RODL grips had been defined. We worked with RideDNA to understand the engineering and technical challenges they had and planned strategies to match them.

Our team took the vision and developed the complex mechanical construction and electronics to make the grips production ready. We engineered the seals to protect the grips from sweat and water damage, making sure the design of the grips can withstand rugged treatment and protect the electronics. Our electronics team engineered the charging capability of the grips, battery life and future proofed the electronic design.

We selected the appropriate materials, designed the attachment details and developed the electronic product design. This helped Markey and his team complete their strategy for developing and launching RODL grips. It involved working out the level of functionality needed for launch and mapping out additional features that could be added in subsequent versions.

By doing this we’ve future proofed the design, including the electronics, so additional features can be added without tearing up the original design. We’ve helped RideDNA get RODL to a Minimum Viable Product and to plan for future upgrades.

Our team worked with Markey and his team to understand the product development process and the challenges they had, and planned strategies resolve them. By applying our years of experience in developing new products for clients, we made sure the functional and construction aspects matched the styling intent and that any production issues were designed out.

RODL grips are due for launch soon and are currently in a pre-release phase. Founded by Dillon Markey in 2017, Ride DNA has a focus on creating cutting-edge micro-mobility products. They have a clear vision for the RODL product and market opportunities.  They are driven to make it a success.

As creative people working in the film industry in Los Angeles they are passionate, visionary and focused. We can’t wait to see RODL grips on every bike around the world!

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